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Paradiese 4.0


Teaser for my comic science fiction - series "Paradise 4.0".

Group one of the first Amazon Warrior - Chorps is lost in space.

There Mission was to search after the headquarter of the Crasher, a destructive bad group of thiefs and murderer. Nathan White, Chief of the Space Command on Hope, has to send a search- and combat Group as soon as possible to find the AZ1. But the Problem is, nobody knows the system where the AZ1 is lost. Nathan Whites main problem is not only to find someone who knows the system, he also must have enough combat experience to rescue the AZ1.
The Comic based on the successful german science fiction book Paradiese 4.0 - Chaos. Developed and writen by Barry Redhead in Germany. Volume one of the COMIC will be available in english in december 2024.
Stay Tuned
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