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This is my Main Workspace: animating my Avatar and movieclips plus Comic production!
I was born in London in 1955 and grew up in Germany. My favorite genres are science fiction books and movies. After working as a director and cameraman in Hollywood, Paris, London, and Hamburg, I published my first thriller, based on one of my screenplays, in Germany. Shortly thereafter I turned to my favorite genre and published the science fiction novel Paradise 4.0 - CHAOS. The follow-up volumes "Lies" and "Catastrophe" of the Paradise 4.0 series followed. In 2022 I presented volume 1 of my comic series, which is based on my Sf trilogy, at the ComicCon in Dortmund. Volume 2 of this comic series will appear at the end of the year. The comic series will also be available worldwide in English from January 2024. The conversion of the SF series into an animated series is planned for mid-2024. The pilot will be available to watch on Amazon Prime.
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