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Barry Redhead, acclaimed author and Hollywood director...

...was born and raised on the vibrant streets of London and Hamburg and discovered his passion for storytelling at an early age. After a successful time in Hollywood, Barry Redhead returned to his hometown of Hamburg and surprised the literary world with his thriller "Darwin Time to Kill", based on one of his screenplays. The book was critically acclaimed and cemented his reputation as a versatile talent.

His science fiction trilogy "Paradise 4.0" was written during his time in Hamburg. The trilogy, which explores a visionary world beyond the limits of the imaginable, found an enthusiastic audience and inspired numerous readers and viewers worldwide. The successful "Paradise 4.0" trilogy has now been turned into a comic book series of the same name, bringing the fascinating world of Barry Redhead's imagination to life in a visually stunning way. The comic book series is sure to delight old fans and new readers alike, expanding the universe of Paradise 4.0 in a compelling way.

Barry Redhead is currently working on a new project: the animation of his Paradise 4.0 series. This high-profile series of animated films will be available exclusively on in the summer of 2025, before making its way to streaming platforms around the world.
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