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The Future of "Paradise 4.0" Comics: A Journey of Creation and Anticipation

In the ever-expanding universe of "Paradise 4.0," the creative journey has reached an exhilarating phase. With a dedication to crafting an immersive science fiction experience, we have been hard at work producing the animation series and refining the books that form the backbone of this expansive narrative. Given the immense effort involved in bringing the "Paradise 4.0" animation series to life, we have made the strategic decision to delay the release of the accompanying comics. This decision allows us to focus on delivering the highest quality content across all mediums. Consequently, the comics will now debut in both German and English no earlier than 2026. Sorry!

During this period, we are committed to keeping our devoted fans and newcomers alike updated with the latest news and background information about the animation series. Our aim is to provide an enriching behind-the-scenes look at the creative process, character developments, and the technological marvels that make "Paradise 4.0" a unique sci-fi saga. Stay tuned to our website for regular updates, exclusive previews, and insights into the making of the animation series. We appreciate your patience and continued support as we strive to create a universe that truly embodies the spirit of science fiction and captivates your imagination.

Together, let's journey through "Paradise 4.0," exploring new worlds, encountering unforgettable characters, and experiencing the thrill of futuristic adventures. The best is yet to come.

Stay Tuned
Yours - Barry

Click here, to the Picture by picture preview of volume 2
of the book and comic series "Paradise 4.0"

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